Nurse ↠ Senior Dental Assistant ↠ Blogger ↠ Entrepreneur

About Me

Computers and the world wide web has played an integral part in my life. Twenty-three years ago was my initial encounter with a computer. Back then, I would excitedly rush home and sneak in my father’s office to see what the magnificent box was going to teach me that day. So imagine my fascination when I was introduced to the Internet! I no longer had to send letters to my cousins abroad because I was able to directly communicate with them via email and instant messaging. In 2005, I aimed to study Computer Engineering in College, but because of the demand for nurses at that time, I was convinced to study Nursing instead. Fast forward to 2018, I haven’t worked as a nurse for the last four years (since moving to New Zealand), although currently working in another healthcare field, I still continue to have that inkling to explore what the computer and the internet has in store for me.

After launching a travel blog (www.jointhetravellingpair.com) in 2016, I wanted to create a custom website. Intrigued, I started to study the basics, which in turn led to the creation of A-Design Company.

I am now back to working with computers and the world wide web. I’m excited to share my passion and skills with you and hopefully on your project.


Illustrator 75%
Photoshop 50%
InDesign 30%
WordPress 90%