KAI Cookie Artistry Logo

KAI Cookie Artistry Branding and Website Design

KAI Cookie Artistry is a home-based baking business in Auckland, New Zealand. The company specializes craftily decorated cookies. These elements were all taken into consideration when the logo and website were designed. 

CLN Logistics Inc Logo

CLN Logistics Inc. Website Re-Design

This project was to re-design the company website which was initially created by someone they hired from Fiverr. The aim was to make the homepage impactful and to easily navigate throughout the site.

SuperFun Parties Logo in red

SuperFun Parties Logo and Website Re-Design

SuperFun Parties offers various entertainment options for kids’ parties. The vision for the website re-design was to create a simple website and a logo that makes a statement.

Boy and Bird Website Logo

Boy and Bird Website Re-Design

The owners of Boy and Bird just opened their second branch and as part of this new venture they decided to give their website a face lift. The overall design aimed to showcase the roasted chicken (which is their specialty) while maintaining a clean and simple aesthetic. Another aspect of importance was the ease of placing an order online, which I made sure to integrate in the new design of the website


Dinny Handmade Website

Dinny Handmade is owned and operated by a full-time mother and hobbyist named Nadine. She creates beautiful personalized crocheted pieces during her free time. The overall design for the website is simple and clean to allow the creations to stand out.

Juaning's Porch Logo

Juaning's Porch's Branding

Juaning’s Porch is a family-owned restaurant located in a quiet part of a busy city. Their bonfire and S’mores are always a big hit to customers, thus, the logo showing a “melted” marshmallow. Also, adhering to A-Design Company’s objective, the text was kept simple using the Merienda font.

a-designcompany logo

A-Design Company's Branding and Website

A-Design Company was designed with the concept of simplicity in mind. It is a company that promotes the idea of creating simple yet engaging logos and websites.

Ocean Mimic's Branding

Ocean Mimic is a start-up clothing company that supports women empowerment and environmental conservation. A simple design that exudes elegance, that’s how the brand owners envisioned the Ocean Mimic logo.

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