About RSVP

RSVP is an online service that will make the lives of many brides and grooms all over New Zealand so much easier. A personalised website will be created for the couple where guests will can RSVP. Not only that, because we know how stressful and time consuming it is to confirm all guests, we will be in-charge of the guest list. Guests who do not confirm within 48 hours from the due date will be given a phone call.

We understand how important it is to complete the list and we are here to help you out.

The website will also feature the bride and groom’s story, gift registry (if applicable), recommended accommodations, and many more.

The Process


Data Gathering

A meeting will be conducted. This will serve as an introduction the the RSVP service and to for us to get to know the couple more.

The meeting will be free-of-charge because it will be a way for couple to determine if this is a service that they really need.


Contract Signing and Deposit

A copy of the contract will be emailed to the couple. Any questions and amendments will be discussed prior to the final signing of the documents. Together with the contract a 50% deposit will be required.

RSVP service cost is $499 (all inclusive).


Website Design

A personalised website will be created for the couple where guests can RSVP. It will be active for 12 months from the time that the site is launched.

The information that will be posted on the website will include:
– The Couple’s Love Story
– Wedding Date
– Ceremony and Reception Venue/s
– Entourage
– Accommodation Options for Out-Of-Town Guests
– Gift Registry

Inclusions and Cost

All-Inclusive Cost:


What's included?

  • The website – you have 2 templates to choose from.
  • Personalised domain name (e.g. www.couplesname.com) – depending on the availability
  • Phone confirmation for guests. Maximum of 100 guests.

Bookings and Enquiries

  • If you are interested but you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Address:Auckland, New Zealand
  • Mobile:64 21 08281532

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